Technoworld is a Systems Management and technology Consulting firm serving specialized Information technology needs of the public and private sector organizations. Founded in 1999, Technoworld has its corporate office in northern part of Kaduna, Nigeria and specialized in Sales & Maintenance of Computers, IT Equipment, Business/Systems Integration, Package Software Implementation, Enterprise Software Development, Infrastructure Solutions and Emerging Technologies such as WISP and VSAT. Technoworld has number of dedicated staff supporting a wide variety of our clients.



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Our IT solution support centre opens from Mondays to Saturdays and are available on Sunday on special demands. Having acquired outstanding experience in the field, we do not only repair and maintain Computers equipment, but also provide complete solution to computer system needs. Technoworld, has operational IT solution support centers working to implement its programs in Kaduna, Lagos, FCT, Enugu, and Kano states managed by teams of technicians/consultants experienced and reliable in IT engineering.


Technoworld, support center in Kaduna perform the following task:

  • Act as a single point of contact for end-users in all locations
  • Register and follow up incident reports and complaints
  • Keep end-user informed about the status and progress of their inquiries
  • Carry out initial screening of end-user inquiries and initiate processing based on the agreed service level
  • Monitor adherence to the service agreements and take appropriate measures if their is a danger of failure to meet an agreement
  • Formal conclusion of inquiries including monitoring end-user satisfaction
  • Provide management information to improve the service quality
  • Sales of computer systems and accessories

The company can undertake the general supply of office, communications and personal electronics like personal computers, PDA, Fax Machines, security camera, computer accessories, mobile handsets etc. Importing and selling of computer and it accessories to through bulk supply.

Internet Service Provider

Providing Internet service to corporate organizations and individual Via the Wi-Fi access. This will enable the client to browse the internet on their mobile computer and even at home without using telephone, which will in turn be a low cost, high quality, alternative that will fit in line with their budgets.

Bandwidth Sales

Here the company leases part of its bandwidth to interested organization. Having acquired large bandwidth from the Network Access Point, the bandwidth could be sold to interested organization that will not have the money to buy large bandwidth.

VSAT Service Provider

VSAT provider vendor, selling and installing VSAT equipment and service to private and public organization. Being affiliated to VSAT providers like the Shiron and be their reseller here Nigeria.

IT Services -Network

Providing network solution to individual and corporate organization. This involves the network design to the structural cabling and implementation of the network.

Computer Maintenance / Repair

As the acquisition of personal computers increase, there is bound to be a greater need for maintenance and repairs. Burnt ICs, Monitors etc will be prevalent. Having a section that deals with repairs and maintenance is expedient.

Office Automation

Provision of office automation and computerization of the office system and design.

Software & Website Development

As public and private institutions computerize, the need for software customization to meet institutional problems shall arise. In same cases, new programs to address emerging IT problems will have to be designed. Under this aspect, the company will also aim at being a franchised vendor for software companies in addition to making its own to meet the needs of the Nigerian Socio-economic milieu.

Multimedia Services

Digital Audio and video have boosted the reliability of media productions by reducing cost of production and enhancing voice and picture fidelity. Jingles, documentaries, features and video profiles can be easily made by adding same few expansions to the Personal Computer. The company venture into multimedia with a view to producing Educational Materials, TV Jingles, Personality profiles, documentaries, political coverage, Corporate Video profiles etc. In the long term, The Company partakes in the imminent Web and Narrow-Casting TV and Media services. Digital video coverage such as lunching, workshop, seminars, wedding and naming ceremony etc. DVD & VCD production, digital photograph pictures, video & audio editing, caption montages stunning, titles, jingle and visual effect.

Internet Café

The Internet is the unprecedented development of the IT age. As awareness of its resources and benefit grow among citizens in this country, a large part of the educated citizens will make it a base of their personal and managerial productivity. The Internet Café that will cater for:

  • Internet browsing
  • Emailing
  • Research & investigation
  • Internet Telephony
  • e-commerce

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